Someone give me $250 so I can buy everything I need to make my bike perfect.

verucadarling your dream partner
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~   Maya Angelou (via larmoyante)

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Kanye West for GQ Magazine August 2014 shot by Patrick Demarchelier.

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People need to get that.

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I don’t think that people generally realise what motion picture industry has done to the American Indian, as a matter of fact, all ethnic groups, all minorities, all non-whites. And people just simply don’t realise, just take it for granted that that’s the way people are going to be presented and these clichés are just, I mean on this network every night, well perhaps not every night, but you can see silly renditions of human behaviour, the leering Filipino houseboy, the wily Japanese, the kook or the gook, black man, stupid Indian. It just goes on and on and on. And people actually don’t realise how deeply people are injured by seeing themselves represented, not so much the adults, who are already inured to that kind of pain and pressure, but children. Indian children seeing Indians represented as savage, as ugly, as nasty, vicious, treacherous, drunken. They grow up only with a negative image of themselves and it lasts a lifetime. 

Marlon Brando on why Sacheen Littlefeather presented a speech on his behalf during his Best Actor win for The Godfather at the 1973 Academy Awards

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My polyamory, simplified.

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Because my work has really weird pay periods based on the number date not actual Monday-Sunday weeks, and because of how my regular weekly schedule falls within those numbered dates, AND because this month has 31 days, and ALSO because I had an extra shift this week, my next paycheck will be for like over 100 hours!
…sure, that check won’t be until like the 3rd of next month, but it will majorly help with how stressed I’ve been about money because of having pneumonia. The hospital bills aren’t here yet… But hopefully this massive check will help!


i need ppl to stop assuming im straight.

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also I bought this excellent looking little flipbook from snaughtie on etsy and I am putting it into my coping skills toolkit.

this is amazing! 

we have 3 of these in the house

they’re amazing and helpful and really cheap! i definitely recommend them 

Thing I recently learned about myself/my body: I can accomplish much more with much less pain/exhaustion if I give myself time to rest throughout the day. Hello, productivity.


Ashley “Mixxboy” Harris

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The Portuguese Gentleman’s:

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there was a monarch butterfly outside with a torn wing and i thought it was dead so i went to pick it up off the ground with a flower but it began to hurriedly clutch onto it trying to drink something. it was totally trembling; it had a gash on it’s body and i knew it was dying but i couldn’t bring myself to kill it, so i googled a monarch’s favourite food and it ended up being mandarins. he literally devoured as much as he could before dying and i buried him outside my window.

You are a good person

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Opaque  by  andbamnan